Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Rangeman Project

I've been busy on taking care of sick kids, sick me, and now a sick hubby.  But, slowely I've been working on my Rangeman project.  After my last post I worked up both pairs of pants, and both t-shirts.

I've decided that I don't like my Narae's t-shirt so I'm going to make her a cami instead.  It'll fit better under her jacket. 

Here's everything after that first night of crazy sewing.  I'm also thinking that I need to take in his shirt more so that it's snugger.

The next day I worked up her jacket.  I was planning the jacket to look one way, but it evolved to look another.  Sometimes things just go like that.  It was going to snap, but I decided to have it zip.  I had to order zippers, so the whole project got put on hold for almost two weeks.

Here is my girl in her finished jacket and cargos.  She is going to look amazing with her utility belt on.  (That's in the planning stages)  Close up of her jacket is on the top of the post.  The image was sooo pretty that it just had to go on top.

I ordered some guns from ebay.  Two of the three are way to big.  But, this one is perfect!  I have a bigger one that is black and it's a glock.  It'll fit my SD had perfectly.  So, now for my guy I'm working on a tactical jacket and a gun holster for this great gun.

This last photo is kinda horrid.  I was trying to hold the gun in his hand, keep him from falling, and take the pic all at once!

There is still lots of work to do.  But, I'm excited about it and I should have some lovely new sets to offer when I'm done.

Friday, July 20, 2012


I was in the car taking my daughter to a friends house when inspiration struck.  I've been trying to think of an outfit set that I can make for my Narae & LatiBlue.  Something that would show off their personalities that I have yet to really develope. My dolls usually just wear whatever commission I'm working on, or nothing at all. Not fair to them!

Anyways... inspiration.  I've been reading the Stephanie Plum series and I love it.  I finished book 14 last month and am now trying to find some used copies of 15 and 16.  I love the characters.  Especially Ranger and Stephanie.  So... Rangeman for my dolls!  If you haven't read the series you should.  Or just wiki it to get an idea of what I'm doing.

Here is my plan. 

Black Cargos
Black utility/gun belt with peper spray, handcuffs, phone, and gun
Tight black t-shirt - hopefully with the Rangeman logo on it
Black jacket.  I've got this design in my head, I just have to draft it out.

Black Cargos
Black utility/gun belt with peper spray, handcuffs, phone, and gun (she will have a little gun... she really hates to wear it!)
Tight black t-shirt - hopefully with the Rangeman logo on it
Black jacket.  I'm using one from a Haute Doll magazine as my base.  I'll be changing it a bit.

Basically they are both bounty hunters.  He was a ranger and is all mysterious and deadly.  He owns a security business called Rangeman.  And, he kinda has a thing for Stephanie.  She is a pretty bad bounty hunter.  He hires her upon occasion.  More as entertainment than anything else.  But, when she works for him, she has to wear his uniform.  All black with his Rangeman logo on every piece of clothing.
Here's my desk... all patterns except his jacket is cut out.  I can't wait to get this one sewing!  And, as a bonus, I can sell these as one offs.... if I don't keep them for my dollies!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Designs & A "Big" Commission

I've been working on some ready made items to add to my Etsy store.  So far I've made some mini skirts for slim MSD's and some Maxi dress's for MSD's.  I've got 6 spaghetti tanks cut and ready to sew.  And, I'm working on a shirred summer dress that will be available in all sizes.
 I'm loving the above shirred summer dress.  I learned a new way to do the shirring on my machine and it looks so realistic on the doll.  I'm using my hubbies work shirts that he no longer wears for these.  The fabrics are so wonderfully soft and have great drape.  More to come with these later.

A "Big" Commission
Two years ago when I stopped taking commissions to have my son I noticed an increase in demand for larger SD size clothing.  (70cm +)  Now that I'm working again, I'm noticing the same. I've already done one commission for an EID girl and now I have a commission for a Dollshe boy.  With the new body style.  I'm excited for this one.  He's big, but his body is also very unique.  I'm starting tomorrow on the patterns for jeans and a t-shirt.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finished Commissions... Bad Photos

I've been sewing for the past 2 weeks whenever I get the chance.  So far I've finished 2 commissions and some things that will be for sale in my Etsy this next week.  Photos of the commissions turned out kinda lousy, but at least you can see what I've been up to.

First up is a pair of jeans, some slacks, and a classic button down shirt for Lati Blue.  It's always nice to sew for dolls that I have in house.  I know when I mail it out that there won't be any fit issues. 

I'm working on a more realistic fly, waistband, and belt loops.  So far I think I really like what's happening.  I'm going to play with these parts on all pants that I'm doing until I find a way/look that I'm really happy with. 
 The shirt was a real trial.  I had the pattern drafted, but it's been almost 2 years since I made a detailed shirt like this in this scale.  I simplified the pattern some.  Omitting the collar band in favor of a simpler fold over collar.  It's nicer on this scale.  SD size is ok... but MSD... my machine really hates pieces that small!
The other commission was just a simple t-shirt.  It's for a much larger doll than my Dolfie Dream girl.  It's for an Ipplehouse EID girl.  So, it looks big, but it should fit her EID girl great.

I've got 2 more commissions on the books for right now.  I'm also busy sorting out photos, taking photos, and listing ready made things for sale.  Boy, the house is goona get messy this week.  If only I had a magic cleaning fairy... I could sew and play with my kids all day long.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Setting Up

Well... I'm back at it again after a 2 year hiatus.  I'm setting up the blog here as my main website.  I'll do my regular updates with what commissions I'm working on, Dollies pics, random thoughts, etc.  For the next week or two I'll be doing basic set-up here so things may look funny until I'm done making it all look pretty.  So, for now I'll just post a few pics of my two favorite dollies.  My 43cm Narae named Inara and my 46cm Lati Blue Rucus named Lucas.

MPF Flickr Group

Come on over and join the My Pie Fashions flickr group.  This is the place to post pictures of your dolls in clothing that has been made by me here at MPF.


After a 2 year break I'm back! My son is finally at the age that I'm getting some extra time during my days. So, I've decided to start taking commissions on a very limited basis. Previously I took commissions for any doll and just worked off of measurements. I made everything from cosplay to historical to everyday wear. My favorite items to make are jeans, cargos, shorts, skirts, jackets, sweaters, dress's, etc. Basically every day items. If you want something more fantasy or historical, send me a pm with photos and I'll let you know if it's something that I'm up for.

Current Commissions
Slot 1: 0088 – All Pieces Sewn
Slot 2: 0089 – Sewn
Slot 3: 0090 - Planning

Waiting List:

Slot 1:
Slot 2:

Commission information:
Payment: I accept paypal only. That includes credit cards and checks through paypal. I require a 50% payment up front and the remainder upon delivery of final photos before your items go out in the mail.

Turn Around Time: I will try to have your items done withing 1-3 weeks. If I need more time I'll discuss it with you ahead of time.

Shipping: Either first class or priority. Your choice. Shipping will be based on zip code / country. International orders are ok. Shipping confirmation is required for an extra $0.85. I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items in the mail, so you may want to add insurance.

Pricing estimates for some basic items :
Basic T-Shirts: $15.00
Hoodies: $20.00
Leggings: $10.00
Coats: $40.00
Dresses: $25.00

Custom Jeans, Cargos, & Cords Made To Fit Most Dolls
Custom made jeans are my number one sellers. I currently have patterns drafted for many dolls. Pants can be made to any length including shorts, and capris. I have most colors of denim for jeans and some great fabrics for slacks and cargos.

Cost Of Custom Made Pants
Basic 5 pocket jeans in any style – SD $33.00 / MSD $30.00
Basic 7 pocket Cargo pants - SD $40.00 / MSD $40.00
2 Pocket Slacks – SD $25.00 / MSD $22.00

Styles Of Pants Available:
High Waist – Jean waist hits just above belly button
Low Waist – Jean waist hits low on hips below belly button
Classic Fit – Straight leg and fits well through the leg
Skinny - (these are made of a stretch denim)
Bell Bottom – Slim through the thigh and flares drastically out at the bottom
Flare/Boot Cut – These are fit well through the thigh and have a gentle flare on the bottom. I try to make the pants wide enough at the bottom to allow for boots underneath.
Below is a list of dolls that I have in house with their basic measurements. If your doll is close to one of these, then I should be able to take your commission. Also, listed below are a few dolls that I've made items for in the past and have some patterns already ready to go.

Here is a list of my current dolls: (measurements in cm)
Dollfie Dream V1 w/ Nanuri Head (busty and curvy SD) – Bust 25 Waist 16 Hip 26
43cm Narae (slim MSD) – Bust 17 Waist 14 Hip 19
Souldoll Tiffee (MSD) – Bust 19 Waist 14 Hip 19
Latidoll Blue Line Rucus (taller MSD) – Bust 20 Waist 16 Hip 20.5
Dollzone BB (Yo-SD size) – Bust 15 Waist 13 Hip 14.5

I also have some non-bjd's around the house. They have come in handy when sewing for bjd's that I don't have.