I've made everything from cos-play and historical, to modern and funky.  I've sewn for dozens of different Bjd's and some Tonner, Kish, and American Girl as well.  I love commissions.  They keep me motivated and inspired.  There are more pictures on my flick group.  Check out my sidebar for a link to that!
Above is a regency gown with shawl... just lovely!  Below are some various commissions.
Catsuits with and without front zippers. Scoop front, v-neck, boat neck, etc.  These can be made in many different fabrics and styles.
 Jeans, Cargos, Shorts, Slacks.....
 Slinky dress's, corsets, and mini skirts.
Retro, and modern dress's and skirt sets.
 Jackets, Jackets, and more Jackets.
 Cute tiny clothes... I've made lots more in this size and smaller.  I just have to find the photos!
 Cosplay... Different characters.  They were all based on sketches and such from the doll owners.
 I've made many belts and pouches for explorers of all kinds....

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