Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Rangeman Project

I've been busy on taking care of sick kids, sick me, and now a sick hubby.  But, slowely I've been working on my Rangeman project.  After my last post I worked up both pairs of pants, and both t-shirts.

I've decided that I don't like my Narae's t-shirt so I'm going to make her a cami instead.  It'll fit better under her jacket. 

Here's everything after that first night of crazy sewing.  I'm also thinking that I need to take in his shirt more so that it's snugger.

The next day I worked up her jacket.  I was planning the jacket to look one way, but it evolved to look another.  Sometimes things just go like that.  It was going to snap, but I decided to have it zip.  I had to order zippers, so the whole project got put on hold for almost two weeks.

Here is my girl in her finished jacket and cargos.  She is going to look amazing with her utility belt on.  (That's in the planning stages)  Close up of her jacket is on the top of the post.  The image was sooo pretty that it just had to go on top.

I ordered some guns from ebay.  Two of the three are way to big.  But, this one is perfect!  I have a bigger one that is black and it's a glock.  It'll fit my SD had perfectly.  So, now for my guy I'm working on a tactical jacket and a gun holster for this great gun.

This last photo is kinda horrid.  I was trying to hold the gun in his hand, keep him from falling, and take the pic all at once!

There is still lots of work to do.  But, I'm excited about it and I should have some lovely new sets to offer when I'm done.