My Dolls

I get asked all the time what dolls I have to use as models. I've had 11 Bjd's come and go from my house over the years.  However, the ones I have below are here to stay.  I just haven't been able to find that perfect SD size male or female yet....So, here they are! I'll be updating this page with more pictures as I get them.


Inara - 43cm Tanning Classic Narae - Slim MSD
Lucas - 48cm NS Lati Blue Rucus - Tall MSD
Kaylee - 43cm Souldoll Soulkid Tiffee - MSD
Persephone - 25cm Dollzone BB Ani - Petite / Tiny
Vena- 56cm Dolfie Dream V2 Body with Luts Nanuri head - Voluptuous SD
Oilve - 27cm Obitsu Female Normal Bust - Tiny / Barbie Size


Matt O'neil (standard body)

Jayne Cobb (hero body)
Tyler (standard older body)


40cm Seasons Red Head
18cm Tulah (Riley's Friend) - She's similar to many tiny BJD's

15cm Ellery- She's similar to many tiny BJD's too


28cm Leneda (Leann's friend)

American Girl

Molly & Kristen

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