Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

My crew got a few new things for Halloween this year. Inara and Rucus got some graphic tee's and my Dollzone BB got a printie Halloween bucket and loads of candy. I copied candy wrappers that I found on the internet to my photo shop program and printed them out. All wrappers have the front and of the actual wrapper on them. I then filled them with seed beads (for skittles, m&m's,etc.) and I used foam core for all the chocolate bars. They came out great. Just the right size for all my dollies.

Vena is dressed as a Browncoat from Serenity/Firefly. She even has a "Jayne" hat on. Little BB is wearing white bloomers and a SD size Halloween skirt that I made last year as a dress. So cute!!

I also made my daughters costumes this year. One of them is a Cat the other is Thorn (from the Bone comic books). Pictures of them in their adorable costumes will come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Commissions And A Really Cute Dollzone BB

Today I started on another batch of commissions. I've got 3 items that I'm making plus a full set outfit that I'm making to sell on my "Sales" thread. I got in a lot more sewing tonight than I had planned, so I was able to get some serious sewing done. I'm really happy with the blue hoodie, but I think I'm going to take up the pants a bit more. They need to hit a little higher up. Otherwise I'm really happy. This little cuttie got me inspired to make a really cute set. I'm making a pair of thermal pj's, jeans, a short sleeve hoodie, and some socks.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Completed Trench Coat

Today I finished up my trench coat commission. The finishing details that I was worried about went really smoothly. The button holes went in perfectly. And, I used my machine for the first time to set in the buttons. I don't think I will ever put in a button by hand again!!! I also finished the lining, and all those little details. The client wanted it to have an "worn" look, so I spent the better part of a day wrinkling and ironing it so it had that wrinkled and worn-ness about it. All in all I'm REALLY pleased with how this coat came out. I can't wait to make another one for one of my dollies. I'm thinking of a red trench coat for my Narae next.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trench Coat Commission - In Progress

So... This week I've been slowly working on a commission to make a highly detailed trench coat. Looking at it this morning all scattered across my desk was a bit daunting. I had to learn how to set in a new style of pocket and figure out how I was going to do the strapping on the wrists. I decided to just dive right in and do the sleeves first. They came out great and that got me pumped and ready to do the rest of the jacket. I got out the good ol' Better Homes And Gardens Vintage Sewing Book and looked up instructions for making the new pocket. It had the best photos and the pockets turned out great!! By this time, I was getting really excited about this jacket. After picking up my daughter from school I started putting in the collar and assembling all the parts that were strewn across my desk. It was still looking really rough until my hubby came home and watched out girls for an hour or so while I put in the lining and did some detail stitching. It's not quite finished yet. I still need to put in the two rows of buttons down the front, add snaps or buttons to the sleeve straps. And, I have a bit of hand stitching on the lining inside the jacket. I should be able to finish up tomorrow.... hopefully. There's no school tomorrow... so I never know how much work I'll actually get done.

First picture: How it looked after I finished up tonight.
Second picture: Trench on the doll to test fitting.
Third picture: my messy desk and the pocks and sleeves almost finished.